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sell your englewood homeSelling your Florida home with PROGRAM Realty and the Jason Painter Group

An age old question with absolutely huge consequences; how do you choose the right real estate brokerage or even more importantly the right real estate agent to sell your home?

Choosing the right person to sell your home is a very tough decision and making the wrong choice could easily cost you tens of thousands of dollars. Should you go with an agent that has the most experience? Should you go with the top producer? Maybe you should find the REALTOR® with the best online marketing? Maybe it’s as simple as choosing the REALTOR® you trust will do what they say they will do.

Here are a few reasons why Jason Painter and his team of agents at PROGRAM Realty are your #1 prospect. Think of it this way…if this were the NFL PROGRAM Realty would be the number one draft pick!

What we will do:

  • Sell your home for the highest amount possible
  • Sell your home in the shortest amount of time

The Jason Painter Group of agents are:

  • Consistent top producers
  • Full time, fully licensed agents; part timers need not apply
  • Very busy but never so busy that we cannot service our clients properly
  • Excellent communicators with fanatical follow-up skills
  • Well respected by our peers in the REALTOR community
  • Well connected with active buyers from all over the world
  • Highly knowledgeable in the local real estate market
  • Up to date with the latest sales and marketing techniques 
  • Driven to succeed

Our brokerage is:

  • Small enough to provide excellent service and results, large enough to be a marketing powerhouse
  • One of the fastest growing brokerages in Southwest Florida
  • The best internet marketer of any broker in the area (ask us to prove this)
  • Well versed in the use of new technology and new techniques to sell real estate
  • Well versed in the use of age tested, tried and true techniques to sell real estate
  • Extremely successful in selling homes just like yours for top dollar

Our Marketing Plan (contact us for more details):

  • We can market you home in ways that other agents have never even thought of.
  • We have international systems in place to market your home to the world.
  • No one can match our marketing reach.
When we market your home, we use techniques that go above and beyond what any local agency can do.   Our methods will sell your home for the most amount of money possible in the shortest amount of time.  We cant give away all our trade secrets here, but we would be happy to explain the process in person, just call us at 941-740-8000.

Home Seller's Guide

  • Ask for a Free Home Evaluation: A well-priced home will sell the fastest and net you the most amount of money. Our free home value analysis takes into account recently sold homes in the immediatel area, homes currently for sale, and homes that are under contract. We use and expertly interpret that data to provide you with a detailed evaluation that puts it all in perspective.

  • See What's on The Market: Use the search tools on this site to get an idea of the competition.

  • Connect to a Professional: Contact us anytime you need to know what's really going on in this market. When you're ready to take the next step toward selling your home, we're here to help. We'll make sure your listing gets the best exposure and reaches the right buyer—whether they're out of state, in another country, or right around the corner.

Fill out the form below for your free home evaluation:

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